Aerial Photography

Boundary Disputes and Planning

For over 40 years we have helped solve hundreds of Boundary Disputes with aerial images that show the change in boundaries over the decades.

Aerial Images for Boundary Disputes

Legal Issues and Planning Consents

Our aerial photography archive covers a span of almost 40 years, including repeat coverage of most areas on a four to five-year cycle dating back from the 1960s through to 1997. Image research can help bring a swift resolution to boundary and planning issues.

Image archive research for boundary disputes could be the key to finding the conclusive evidence you need, helping prevent expensive legal bills or cutting short lengthy negotiations.

Property Comparisons

The examples show two aerial images of the same property taken in different decades, which demonstrate the changes in boundaries between one property and another. Being in possession of details like this could be the difference between a quick settlement and a long drawn-out legal process.

Images for Planning

Help with Planning Consents

Aerial photography can be an effective tool in resolving planning issues or providing planning information that is not visible from the ground. Aerial images can also be used for identifying and evaluating sites.

Architects, planners and contractors have used our image archive research to help with planning issues or identify areas for construction projects

Who uses the Boundary Dispute and Planning Service?

Our boundary dispute service has helped deliver successful outcomes for a wide variety of clients, including:

  • Property Companies
  • Law Firms
  • Property and Conveyancing
  • Architects
  • Town Planners
  • Construction Companies
  • Residential Property Owners
  • Commercial Property Owners
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Aerial Image Research

Firstly, we must check our mapping systems which will show the years we have film coverage of the area in question. We then carefully sift through hundreds even thousands of aerial images to unearth every available piece of photographic evidence which may assist in your boundary dispute.

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Skills and Tenacity

As we discussed, I have been wrestling with a seemingly intractable problem of proving the validity of building commencement and a fixed start date from way back in 1973. I had tried every way possible. I had tried the National Monument Records, with no luck, and even paid one aerial photography company to carry out

Aerial Images Research and Print Costs

For evidential purposes we supply duplicate A4 size prints of all relevant findings supported by letters which authenticate the precise filming date of all photographs. We can also supply aerial images in a high-resolution digital format when requested.
  • Research Costs
  • From £69
  • Prices apply regardless of findings
  • 1 Year Search: £69
  • 3 Year Search: £99
  • 4 Years and above: £149
  • Print Costs
  • From £99
  • We supply x2 copies of each shot together with a signed letter of date authenticity
  • 12x8 Prints: £99
  • 15x10 Prints: £159
  • Digital Files Only (Please Enquire)